Services We Provide

We provide road repair (patching), paving, and heavy
construction services to fit your needs.  We work in commercial,
municipal, and residential construction.  Scroll down for pictures
and descriptions of our services.
Road Paving
Driveway Installation
Driveway Paving
Infrared Repair
Road Extensions
New Parking Lots
Year-Round Patching
Carver Construction Company LLC
State Licensed Contractor

When road conditions deteriorate
road patching plays a key role for
both private companies and
municipalities.  Patching repairs
are made when the road is cut or
dug up to install utilities such as
gas and water. Patches are always
done to meet with local and TDOT
Infrared Technology

Many municipalities are now requiring
use of infrared patching. The process of
infrared patching creates seamless road
patches by heating up the seams of
road cuts and blending them with the
existing roadway. This process is also
used to patch driveways for a seamless
finished repair.
Area Paving

We mill and pave roadways
that are in need of
resurfacing for several
companies and
municipalities around
middle Tennessee.  

The same services are
available for commercial
parking lots (as pictured
New Road/Driveway

More on the heavy
construction side we also
do road extensions, new
driveway installation, and
parking lot installs.  We
offer turn key solutions
that include installation,
paving, and line striping.
Other services we provide include:

Gravel hauling & delivery,  Driveway grading and gravel,  Water drainage issues, Retaining
,Farm ponds, Large pond installation, Culvert pipe installation,Utilities, Footers,Site
prep for new home & structure building
, Earth moving and all heavy construction, Concrete
walls and enclosures
, Commercial entrance and exits
Sink Hole Repair

We also offer sink hole
stabilization/repair to
municipalities and contractors.