At Carver Construction Company we believe
that community is critical to business.  If we
work in your community we promise to patronize
your town or city's small and local businesses.
We provide sponsorships and support for local
youth sports teams as well as Music City Young
The work we do is to benefit not only
individuals but entire communities.
We also believe that, whenever possible, we will
buy products and equipment made right here in
the United States.  Supporting our economy
both locally and nationally is an integral part of
who we are.  If you have a local Nashville
business we encourage you to contact us using
the contact form so that we can stop in and see
what your business is about.

Have a small minority owned business?
Our Promise To Our Clients...

When selecting a contractor we
encourage our clients, friends, and
family to research your contractor.
Below you will find some questions you
should ask everyone who works for you
at your home or business.

Do you have a business license?

Are you state licensed?

Do you have liability insurance?

How long have you been in business?

Can you provide references?

Every contractor should be able to
provide you with a contractors license
number which you can verify at  You can also search by the
name of the company and/or the
owner.  There, you can verify a valid
contractors license and their

Tennessee State Law states that to
perform a project of
$25,000.00 or
MORE that you MUST have a
contractors license to do so.

You must have a contractors license to
any kind of plumbing or
electrical work for ANY amount.

If your project is
less than $25,000.00
the person or company must still be
able to provide you with a BUSINESS
AND LAW EXAM certificate. A B&L exam
is required for all amounts.  Passing
the B&L exam satisfies requirements
for under 25k and proves that the
business or person understands
contracting law.

READ every word of a contract before
you sign it. Take a few days to think it
over before you sign and always get
more than one estimate. Once you sign
a contract there are legal repercussions
for breaking it.

Asking for a deposit is pretty normal for
some contractors but never give a cash
deposit and always make sure to have
a record of everything you pay a
contractor.  If you are dis-satisfied with
the work try to work it out with the
contractor. If you avoid paying a
contractor without communication the
contractor has lien rights in the state of
Carver Construction Company LLC
State Licensed Contractor